Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I am so addicted

I am so addicted to making bentos I can not go in a store without looking for cute things to add to a lunch, or anything that can be used as a bento box.

On my third store of the day, the BX for you military folks, I only went to get a fancy candle and they had bento boxes just sitting on the end cap screaming at me to come look at them. Look I did, and I also bought 2 of the 3 they had to offer ;)

They are so pretty, how could I say no?

Green - $7   Blue $8

The green one is my fav but I couldn't really get a picture of it opened. The bottom is undivided and the top part has 3 sections. It came with this weird water bottle that looks like a plastic flask that I don't think I'll be using. 
The Star Wars one I just had to get. I have some Star Wars bento picks, but no cutters and this will be the perfect box to use them in! It opens all trasnformers style with a compartment for a sandwich and 3 sides. You can't move the dividers, but I think I can live with that. 

I can not wait to play with these! If you can get to AAFES I suggest you check them out! They had tons of pink and purple for the girly girls and Monsters Inc ones like the Star Wars box. 

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