Thursday, July 25, 2013


Wednesday is special pool day with us a bunch of friends. Mainly because they have a Military discount for my friends who weren't cool like me and bought a season pass. So with summer camp, my run, and the pool there isn't a lot of bento and cute food making at the T house on Wednesdays. They still get bentos, but they are much simpler and easier to throw in a diaper bag.

Also, there isn't a lot of internet action going on either. We don't watch TV or even have cable for that matter, so completely unplugging and just being with your kids is an amazing thing.

The kids got to eat their snack in peace, without me taking pictures of it. Big A actually tried to pose for me even thought I didn't have the camera. Aww.
 I got to put my phone down and not worry about emails/tweets/texts for a few hours.

Basically, turn the stuff off and and bask in the glory of the day.
Just remember to reapply sunscreen on yourself after you slather the kids.

Clothes made my cry


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