Monday, September 9, 2013

Lunch overload

Tonight is the first night I have *had* to make 3 lunches. I also had to make a snack for baby. It was a long evening of lunch making while finishing up dinner. I am hoping that after a few days of packing 3 lunches I will get into the grove a little more and it won't take me forever.

Baby starts daycare tomorrow and I have no idea how happy they will be about his food. It's all sticky, mushy finger foods. But. it's what he eats at home to hopefully it will be alright there.

For snack he has some cut kiwi and strawberry cheesecake muffins. Lunch is some PB&J, cucumbers and pepperoni, watermelon, cereal bar, and some raisins.

The big boy was so in love with dinner that I decided to scrap the meat and cheese roll ups I was going to do in favour of leftover dinner. 

He has, mandarin oranges, cucumbers with pepperoni, raisins, a Kinder chocolate hippo, some muffins, and left over salsa chicken with tortilla chips. 

As usual, the husband take left over dinner for lunch ( I love easy lunches) 

Mr. has left over salsa chicken, black beans, half a cheese stick, hot sauce that hurts my nose, and some chocolate covered almonds.