Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blast from the past

Who remembers dunkaroos? If you were alive in the 90's I'm sure you do. I crave them, almost on a daily basis. Especially pregnant, I wanted to take a bath in them. A friend actually found some for our road trip to Texas when I was pregnant with  Lil A. It was amazing.

I set out to buy some on amazon and they were all sold out :( But there were a gillion recipes on Google so I set out to try one. I have no idea who actually created it, if you do lemme know and I'll link them ;)

What you need for cookie goodness is
1 box funfetti cake mix - just the mix
1/2 tub cool whip - low fat, sugar free, chocolate, it really doesn't matter
1 c - 1 1/2 c plain vanilla yogurt - all I had was Greek and it really didn't taste that off
Animal crackers, cinnamon teddy grahams, really any cookie to  dip with

** Use sugar free yogurt and cool whip to make a low cal snack! Really, it's low cal.

Mix everything together in a big old bowl and chill for a few hours or overnight. The DIG IN!

Doesn't that look amazing?!

Beware of sneaky kids while making this

My kids were gone by the time this was ready, so I tested it out on my friends' kids and I think it was a hit. Go whip up a batch for that next pot luck/office party you have to go to. I guarantee you won't have any leftovers. 

She was totally digging it

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