Saturday, July 20, 2013

3 Bentos for summer camp

Bentos come in all design and possibilities.
Not in my house, we rotate back and forth between a select few shapes.

First we have the kitty. A is so used to having cheese cut in the shape of a kitty, he now calls cheese kitty. Very annoying  adorable. Just a plain jelly and cream cheese sandwich with a cut up hotdog for some protein. Pair that with raisins, cantaloupe and some fruit cookies and we have a lunch!

Next, we have the car-car and vroom vroom. This boy loves his cars (which are really trucks). In an effort to make each cut out look like the actual thing I free handed some cheese and cucumber slices for the fire truck. I did use a hot sauce cap for the wheels. I can not cut a straight line, let alone circles. 
Below are the same cutters, just decorated a bit differently. Those extra 2 minutes make the world of difference. 
 AWESOME firetruck 
Sad firetruck 

Last, we have the fishy. The kid is in super love with this bread, I am not super in love with the price. A loaf of wheat bread is a whopping $1.22 and this is more costly. I freeze the bread and use it as an extra special treat. What makes it more awesome is the little candy eye to give it that POP.
With they fishy, he has cantaloupe, a hard boiled egg, grapes, raisins and a homemade fruit roll up. Every bite of food was gone when he came home. More validation that this bento idea was a step in the right direction. 

Hopefully you will continue to join us on out bento adventure. And hopefully A will let me branch out a bit with cutters or this is going to get boring fast. 

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