Sunday, July 21, 2013

New boxes!!

So we all know I'm a little obsessed with bentos right? Well, I heard that Target was selling bento boxes and had had had to go check it out.
I am super glad I did, they had 4 different types of boxes and I wanted them all, but the kids needed new shoes so I could only get one box and a snack container. Sad panda.

Let's talk new bentos, I had to figure out which one would fit in the lunch bag we already had and which one would be best for food portions.
I decided on this one! It's a Goodbyn on the go and I LOVE IT. It was $8.99 - I think.

A was playing with it in the store, that's why the box in empty. But it has two main containers and a little dip cup. The main container should be enough for a lunch if you plan it right, but I wanted to play with all of it! I tested  the 2 cup container with applesauce, and turning it upside down and after flinging it around, not one single leak. That's a score in my book. 

This is the little snack bin I got for about $2. I'll use it for grocery trips and play date snacks for the summer. But in fall when Lil A goes to nursery school, this will be the prefect size for his baby lunches. 

 I can't wait to show you guys what I have done with the Goodbyn box! 

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