Thursday, July 18, 2013

A non-sandwich sandwich bento

After 4.5 days of school your kids are probably already sick of eating sandwiches and you are probably sick of making them. Why not revamp your idea of what a sandwich is and make sandwich sushi for their lunch!
How cute is that?! 

It's pretty easy to make and you don't need anything special to make them. 
You need - 
- Bread 
- Sandwich fillings
- A knife to take off crusts 
- A rolling pin to flatten the bread 
* I have totally had to use a can of veggies before bc my rolling pin was MIA 

Assemble the minions  supplies!!!
Totally forgot the cheese, don't judge me

Now the fun part, cutting off the crust and smashing the bread. It's a fantastic stress reliever ;) 

See how the one is all smashed? That's what we are going for

Once you are all smashed and crustless (Save them) assemble the sandwich! 

If you find you have too many toppings when you roll them just rip the excess off and call it a snack! 
Roll that sucker up good, but no too tight or your sushi will look all flat, and cut each slice of bread into 4 pieces 

If you find they are falling apart like mine are, use a condiment as a glue, like mustard, mayo, or PB.
When you are pack these loveys in a bento just make sure they are tight together and separation shouldn't be an issue. 
Making just a sit at home lunch is totally possible too, just arrange them on a plate to they don't loose their middles. 
See? Not perfect, but they were inhaled in about 38 seconds

That my friends, is sandwich sushi in a nutshell. 

Oh, pro tip? Watch out for cheese thieves 

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