Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A knockoff bento

Some people feel like their kids get left out when you pack lunches instead of buying them the prepacked ones at the store like their friends. 
I am here to tell you that you are so very wrong. 

Just 7 minutes of your time (or less if you don't cut shapes) and you will have a lunch that PTA moms fawn over. 

May I present you with my knockoff bento? 

How amazing does that look? Pretty fantabulous right? Yeah, I thought so. 

All you need is some cheese, lunch meat, crackers, and little extras.

I used
- 2 slices each of white and yellow sliced cheese cut into stars 
- 4 slices of salami also cut (and an extra to prop it up) 
- 1 slice of ham 
- 6 crackers
- 6 mandarin oranges 
- 1 blueberry 
- 3 cucumber slices 
- 1 chocolate chip muffin bar for a treat 

I would so rather feed Big A this than something that was made who knows where and with who knows what.

Apparently he agrees since he tried to swipe the box when I was taking pictures. 

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