Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kids and mom's technology

Some of you might be wondering why I was putting such blah pictures up on such a nifty blog.
Well, my older kid manages to steal my good camera every 27seconds so I never know where it is. I bought it to document his life along with his brothers. But he doesn't care he just wants to take pictures of his feet on high speed burst. 
So why not use my phone? I'd love too. I got an iPhone for Christmas and I love the picture quality. Apparently the kids loved it too. How do I know? Well, they broke off the otter box to marvel at the phones white colour all while smashing bugs with it and using it as a shovel. Sounds like love to me. 
This was my phone 

Lovely huh? 
Well I got my replacement last night at 9:33pm, followed the instructions world for word and now I am left with this issue 
Somedays I hate technology. This is one of those days 

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