Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm a slacker

For the past few days it has been between 101° - 105° here. It's hot. I'm from the north and can not function in this heat. Hopefully that explains my lack of posting. It's just too hot to not sit directly under an air vent. Lame, I know.

I'm kinda embarrased by today's bento. Big A insisted that I draw on the cheese that topped the sandwiches even though I explained cheese and food markers do not work well. Oh well, whateves I don't have to eat it.

He had
mini jelly sandwiches
cheese toppers
cereal bar
2 sausages
blueberry applesauce
and some oranges.
Of course the tomatoes went uneaten

Everything was devoured, except the tomatoes. So I was pretty jazzed. 

Since it's Wednesday, we go to the pool after camp. I couldn't being the usual snack of fruit because I was picking up a friends kid who is one picky eater. Instead we all has some yogurt covered raisins, veggie sticks (minus Big A he had a cereal bar) and some fruit cookies. Just the right amount of food to keep them fueled for cannon balls without the tummy cramps ;) 

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