Sunday, August 4, 2013

Your kids have nerdy parents when..

I was beyond excited to get Star Wars bento accessories, and over the moon when I found the cutest Star Wars box the other day. I knew I had to use them for Monday Madness.
I don't have any Star Wars cutters, that needs to change, so I had to work around that. Hopefully it works. The husband approved and even told me how he wanted the sandwich decorated ;)

Big A has
Cream cheese and jelly death star
1/3 organic pop tart
Sausage link
1/2 fruit cup
Chocolate granola crunch thing
Cheese sabers
Cucumber stars
and a few fruit snacks

I am in love

I couldn't help but use that fabric. This totally makes my day. I think after this I shall geek out at least once a month. Sounds good right? 

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